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  • As a teacher of mathematics and physics in high school I used to prepare what to say in class with handwritten notes. During my latest teaching spell I rewrote the notes in a more readable form, from pencil to felt pen so that I could scan them and make them available for the students after each lecture. The whole procedure was quite inefficient, writing new notes all the time instead of building on and modifying work from courses that I had taught before.

    I decided to adapt to a digital era and make digital notes for each course that I could then use as a base to start from. The present system in Sweden is based on courses. There is Math 1,2,3,4,5 and Physics 1,2. During my time in Ystad I taught Math 1 and 2 for Science students and Physics 1 for Technology students. Those notes I just rewrote without modification. For Math 3,4,5 and Physics 2 I have made one document for each piece of theory. Since my teaching is done in swedish the material is in swedish. Maybe some day there will be english versions. To use the Geogebra files, go to this link and install GeoGebra Classic 6.



    Geogebra - Lab

    Ma 1

    Ma 2

    Ma 3

    Ma 4

    Ma 5

    Fy 1

    Fy 2