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  • PMprojects.net began in 2004. My intentions were to present some projects in mathematics, physics and programming.

    It is difficult to get everything, HTML, scripts and Java to work on every system. There are different screen resolutions, operating systems, security settings, java versions, plug-ins, browsers etc. Chances are that some things may not work or look as they are supposed to. To run the java applets of the double pendulum you have to have Java installed and pass the security arrangements. In the Java control panel open the tab for security settings and manually put http://www.PMprojects.net in a list of websites that are allowed to run java applications.

    As I add these lines it is 2019 and Java is no longer an option. Previous material in Java is replaced with Javascript code. So far focus has been on getting things to work in Google Chrome on laptops and big screens, generalizing to all platforms is a project for the future.

    The table below contains downloadable material such as graphics, fonts, programs and source code.The collage download contains some details from the image above in full resolution. In some places I have used fonts that might not exist on your computer. In Grod the game with a grid and some rods there are two such fonts, Snell and Chalkboard. To see these you should download Fonts.zip and install the font files in the windows/fonts directory.